We Saville Whittle Industries has been exporting and supplying our customers with full-line of high quality sports goods: goalkeeper gloves, mechanic gloves, cycling gloves, safety gloves & shin guard.

We highly concentrate on quality , cost and delivery to provide best alternative for the price being paid by the customer. The production process  have very special importance for us. In order to insure the highest quality in our products, we at saville whittle industries involve ourselves in every aspect of production. That involvement even overseeing material quality, cutting, stitching to make certain those will perform better than anything else available.

Customer Service
On time replies with through & correct information
Timely update of orders status
Providing complete technical specifications of products
Highly competitive prices
We offer low & highly competitive prices because of below factors:
Direct imports of material
Material consumption control
Saving extra expenditures
Getting maximum output from raw materials
Child labor
Saville whittle sports strongly supports UNICEF in seeking global eradications of exploitation of children in the work place.  We employ a strict anti-child labor policy and customers can rest assured that no children are used in any way in the manufacturer of their products.
We do thank you for your time and interest in saville whittle industries
Director export